Buckeye Bumper Crops, by Coach Bill Conley, Book Cover

Passion and intrinsic motivation are vital to success in the business and athletic worlds - they separate winners from those who also ran. These traits are the foundation of successful teams, whether they compete on the gridiron or in the board room.

Coach Bill Conley's First Team™ is a unique, hand-picked group of individuals who provide keynote addresses and half-day programs on subjects including but not limited to, becoming a leader of leaders, coaching to win, finding your inner spark, building dynamic, successful teams, and overcoming personal and business challenges.

Other "First Team" Associates

Todd Kays, PhD (www.athleticmindinstitute.com)

Todd Kays is a nationally recognized psychologist who works with professional and amateur athletes and business executives to strengthen their mental performances. The founder of Dublin, Ohio-based Athletic Mind Institute, Kays' passion is helping individuals and teams find success and satisfaction.

Speech topics include:

  • Attitude Determines Altitude®
  • TEAM - Together We Are More®
  • Leadership: What Truly Makes Great Leaders®

Rev. Dr. Johannes Christian

Nearly killed and left blinded in a horrific highway accident in 2001, Rev. Christian inspires audiences with his messages of survival, perseverance and forgiveness.

Greg Frey

A former Ohio State quarterback and team captain shares personal philosophies that have made him successful on the gridiron and the business world. His never-say-quit attitude served him well during a 30-point comeback win against Minnesota as a Buckeye, and fueled the transition from professional football to a career in investment real estate.

Robert Sebo

Chairman emeritus of PayChex Corp., Sebo is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and businessman. His wit and workaday demeanor captivates and engages audiences, who cannot help becoming entranced, enthralled and energized as they learn and apply his secrets to health, wealth and happiness.

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